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About Us

The Golf Swing Studio is golf instruction, coaching and retail store.  Our premier instructors offer technical instruction and coaching, golf fitness, mental training, custom fitting of equipment, and education to further the development of our junior and adult students.  Located in Savannah, Georgia, The Golf Swing Studio provides its services by assessing each student.

Our belief is: “Building Your Golf Swing One Swing at a Time”.  In order to build your best golf swing, we assess your physical abilities and limitations to see how your body moves or doesn’t move.  We also assess your motivations and desires for your game as well as your ability to practice to reach your dreams.  With this information, we create a personalized instructional and coaching plan to reach your goals for your game.  Without knowing these facts, we would be guessing about what to do to help, which means you would not improve and become frustrated with our services.

Our desire is to reach your desires with your golf game in the most efficient and effective way for you.  I hope you will give us an opportunity to help you play better golf!

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